Jesus sent His apostles out into the villages to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal. He gave them the power and authority necessary to accomplish what He asked of them. Miraculous healings and the like served as authentication for the message that the apostles were sharing, the Gospel. While much debate surrounds the topic of miraculous healings even today, the main question is this:

What do you make of Jesus?

The apostles were preaching the Kingdom of God, namely that Jesus is the messiah and that He had come to seek and to save that which was lost.

Some people would believe the message about Jesus, others would not.

For some, the message that was authenticated by miracles would be received through faith. Others would reject the message, and when the apostles would leave, they would shake the dust from their feet. This signified that the “Jews” of the area were as pagan as the “Gentiles”. Jesus is the one who pronounced this prophetic judgement on those who would reject the Gospel. Even today, those who reject Jesus as Lord stand in judgement. That is the reason that what you make of Jesus is so important. First, you should believe what the Bible teaches about Jesus. Secondly, you should proclaim that same truth to others.

The Bible teaches that Jesus is the propitiation, or payment, for our sins. You see, you have broken God’s perfect law (we lie, cheat, steal, hate, or have bad thoughts). The judgement, or payment due, for your sins is death. But, the Gospel, or Good News, is that Jesus died the death you deserve to die. If you trust in Him by faith, you can have eternal life instead of death. In short, Jesus died in your place. He is able to do that because He is the Son of God, who had no sin debt of His own. So, His death can satisfy the wrath of God for your sins. Jesus’ death in your place, substitutionary atonement, is completely by God’s Grace. Salvation is a free gift of God, and you can do nothing to earn it or keep it. Comes by grace and through faith! That is where you must decide what you will make of Jesus. Will you place your faith and trust in Him?

If you are already a Christian, then it still matters what you make of Jesus! You should be like the apostles and proclaim to others the Gospel Message. You may not have power over demons and diseases like the apostles did, but your walk in Holiness as a New Creation will do much to help authenticate your proclamation. When others see the change that Jesus brings from the inside out in your life, it will serve as a testimony or witness to back up what you are sharing with them.

So, What are you making of Jesus?