Daily Devotional 8/28/2019
Bro. Tim Rose

Read John 1:1-5

Our pastor has been preaching on the Spiritual Disciplines throughout this summer and began with the most important spiritual discipline: reading the Bible. Interestingly, the word used in John 1 to describe Christ is the word, WORD (v1). It is important for us as Christians to know that God’s word (both the Son and the Bible) will continue to last forever! Additionally, this passage encourages us that our Lord Jesus is co-eternal with God (v2). This means that He is God, so we do not serve a lesser god or a fake god; but we serve a Lord that has always been God. Our Lord also created all things by and through Himself (v3) and became the means by which the crown jewel of His creation (man) can be saved (v4). Together, these four verses tie into our pastors sermon this past week on evangelism. We see in these verses that Christ is eternal, Christ is creator, and Christ is the light of men. To this end, after reading John 1:1-3, Charles Spurgeon wrote, “John is the majestic evangelist. His is the Gospel of the Son of God. We cannot describe the deity of Christ in clearer language than God uses.”

Basic Principle to Teach to Kids: Jesus is creator and we need to tell people about our creator!

Principle to Teenagers: Jesus is eternal (in past, present, and future) and is one of the three persons of the Trinity, fully worthy of worship because He created and is the light of men. Therefore, everyone made by Him need to know this!

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you that you are eternal, there has never been a day that you were not there. I give you praise because you created all things and you brought me from darkness to light. I apologize for the ways that I do not show the light you’ve given me and I ask you to give me opportunities to share the light to others. You are my life and my salvation. Amen