Bro. Mario has been attending NRRBC since 2021, and began volunteering in the children’s ministry in Nov. of 2021.  The decision to volunteer came about after prayer and fasting, when just seeking the Lord to be in His presence.  After VBS 2022, he was brought on staff and serves in the children’s ministry particularly on Wednesday nights and anywhere he’s needed.  Bro. Mario loves to see the children’s enthusiasm for God and embracing the Lord Jesus Christ, and truly, truly accepts it as a blessing from the Lord.  He believes the testimony of Proverbs 22: 6: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”.  His hope is for every child to grow in the love and fear of the Lord.

Bro. Mario has a lovely daughter, which he loves to spend time with and share the word of God; it always brings a smile to his face when she laughs, is excited, and talking about God.  He’s the second youngest of six children, and there was a season in his life when he was an English teacher teaching pre-k through 6th grade.  He owes his life to the Lord and is thankful the He has saved him from death and brought him into life.  Bro. Mario loves learning about people’s back stories, and if there’s anything you want to know about him, he’s an open book and all ear.